My One Pet Household

My cat, Wabby Wibby (which is baby-talk for Baby Kitty, for those in the know) has changed a bit since the loss of our beloved Carmie.CarmelSleeping1

I’m thinking she likes her status as Only Pet. If she misses Carmie, she doesn’t show it. The horrible night of Carmie’s passing Wabby did come into the bedroom and sit before Carmie’s bed for a long time, just staring. I found it strange, but comforting. It was almost as if she were channeling Carmie’s presence. (I still feel Carmie here, in the house – we have not moved her bed and don’t plan on it, anytime soon).

After the initial, curious visit, Wabby started coming in the bedroom every day, to sleep on the bed while I work. (My office is in the master bedroom.) She’s more cuddly and friendly than she has been in years.

Back in the day she slept on the bed morning, noon and night. At present, she does like to come up and keep us company when we’re watching TV at night – she’s eager for a cuddle. But, then, she gets down and goes back to her favorite place on the couch in the living room, to sleep.

I find it curious that she is more affectionate these days, even kittenlike. She likes to play with items that fall on the floor or bed (paper clips, rubber bands, pencils, nail clippers)… none of which are proper cat toys, so we take them away. Her behavior makes me think we should get her a toy for Christmas.

Mind you, I have purchased lots of toys for this cat (who is giving me the evil eye at the moment – only PandoraNapping-smallshe knows why), and she’s turned her nose up at them all. Why, suddenly, as the Only Pet, she has decided to be cute and fun, I don’t know. But, I like it.

I like cuddling with her. I like hearing her purr. I like that she is probably comforting herself while, at the same time, comforting me.

And, I plan on making sure she is around to do so for many years. She’s 16 – but acts like a baby. What do you think? Can I shoot for 19 or 20? In good health? Well, that’s my plan.