How to Clean Rabbit Litter Box?

How to Clean Rabbit Litter Box?

Rewards and fruits: 5% of the ration. Fruits such as apples and pears and rewards such as carrots or products sold in commerce should not be given more than once a week. They do not allow the rabbit to use his teeth and do not constitute a food necessary for his digestion.

Fresh and clean water: The water must be changed every day if it is in a cup and every 2 to 3 days in bottle.

Potentially toxic foods. Here is a list of potentially toxic products that should not be given to your companion: beans, rhubarb, potatoes, chocolate, corn, cauliflower, cabbage, apple pips, philodendron, lily of the valley, azalea.

What diet for my dwarf rabbit?

What diet for my dwarf rabbit?

The dwarf rabbit is the smallest species of hare, and it has the same diet as rabbits of different species. Like other herbivorous rabbits, it must always have plenty of water and greenery / fresh hay (unlimited quantity), and it can also eat special rabbit food once a week: pellets. You can give her fruits and vegetables such as apple or pear (a weekly portion), and carrot, parsley and salad (quantity limited to a daily portion).

What habitat create for his rabbit?

What habitat create for his rabbit?

The habitat is important for the rabbit, because it will install its benchmarks and its space of comfort and well-being. A space just isolated him, whether he lives outside or in the home (install a cage). Rabbits can be kept both outdoors and indoors, preferably at temperatures above 12 ° C and below 26 ° C. Animals kept outdoors must have an insulated shelter to shelter during excessive temperatures (cold or heat).

The cage


The cage of your rabbit must allow him to stand on his hind legs without being embarrassed and be long enough so that it can move easily It must be comfortable, it is capital for his well-being. It must be able to be defined 3 distinct corners: a corner for the rest, one for the meal and one for its needs. There is, however, no minimum size limit for the cage: the larger it will be better for your companion.

Hygiene “toilet” of our pets is important, so it does not smell bad. The rabbit litter should be replaced regularly, and the box for rabbits, even after a reasonable time of use, will be completely updated, since scratches lead to grooves in which the smell is fixed.

If you have one or more rabbits at home with you, it can be very difficult to keep the rabbit box odorless . Of course, you’ve already tried everything. Then you will find the best tricks to finally get rid of this bad smell.

How to keep odorless litter box?

How to keep odorless litter box?

we understand that it is impossible to change the srabbitter every day. However, with some very interesting tricks, you can avoid the unpleasant smell of a rabbit’s toilet, which you smell around the house.

Change rabbit litter often


Although litter for rabbits is usually cheap, we understand that a daily replacement costs a lot , and not everyone can afford it.

Litter box and dustpan

change rabbit litter often

There are recommendations on how often you should change your rabbit litter. Of course, this also depends on whether you have one or more animals.

You should do this at least twice a week if you have a rabbit. If you have two or more, and they share a box for rabbits, you will most likely have to do this three or four times a week.

Collect lumps

With the plastic bag that you then close, you must remove your kitten’s chair whenever it is present. We understand that you work or do other things, and you cannot always do it right away. But make it a habit to check the box for rabbits when you get home and delete everything you find.

Box For rabbits - Box For rabbits

When you see that there is urine in the dispersion , and it is not yet absorbed from the granules, you can use it with a plastic bag to remove and prevent pollution of pure dispersion.

Clean the rabbit box from time to time

It is recommended that you clean the rabbit box when you change stray. Clean the rabbit drawer with bleach or other disinfectant before introducing new granules into it. Thus, it stays cleaner. but do not forget to dry the rabbit box very well so that the smell of products does not bother your pet.

Buy scented rabbit litter

There are more and more different rabbit litter in the market. scented rabbit litter is ideal to avoid the smell of a rabbit’s litter as it exudes a faint odor that fills the room and bad smells take longer to provide for itself.

Change the box for rabbits

Srabbitter and claws your rabbit will damage the litter box over time. you will create small scratches in which the smell of feces and animal urine can become fixed. It will be very difficult to fix, so it’s best to buy a new box for rabbits.



You will know better how often you should do this, although it is recommended that you do this approximately every six months or at most once a year . Therefore, do not invest too much in the box for rabbits, as the replacement will be very expensive to eat.

Use Fragrance

Besides flavored srabbittered there is a rabbit litter fragrance on the market that cover unpleasant odors . Although they help disperse a little longer, you still have to replace the pellets. Because aromas only hide the smell, but do not eliminate it.

place the rabbit drawer in a well-ventilated place

If you have a rabbit box in an open or well-ventilated place, odors are easier to remove . When you put it in a hidden corner with the door closed, the smell, logically, only worsens.

What do you think of these tips to avoid the smell of rabbit litter? Put them into practice to avoid annoying odors.