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Christmas is coming: Is Pet Health Insurance On Your List?

Precious-pet-at-lollypop-farmAre you considering the gift of a pet for Christmas? When I was a kid, that’s all I ever really wanted – a dog or a cat. Eventually, on my birthday, I got a dog and looking back I think that was a good decision. My birthday is in the summer, so we had no problem training the dog. I’m not sure things would have gone as smoothly as they did, if we’d gotten the dog during Christmas.

All of our pets, btw, come from shelters or the Humane Society. This picture is from a recent event at our local Lollypop Farm. The puppy only got a small piece of crust for all his begging.

Don’t get me wrong – the gift of a living animal is a wonderful thought. But, while you’re thinking about it, dreaming of the happy squeals of delight, remember: the operative word is “living.” So, let’s talk about that, and how also offering pet health insurance can make your wonderful living gift even more treasured.

Darlene Prince at the Cresent-News has a nice article on the issues you need to consider, before offering a dog or cat as a Christmas gift. She writes about the Defiance County Humane Society saying, “We advise parents to bring their child or children in and spend time playing with pets.”

Of course, one child may want a dog, the other, a cat. How do you decide which pet to adopt? I think you consider the age of the child, the attention span, and the overall care-giving needed for the pet. Likely, you will participate A LOT!

Some people think cats are easier than dogs, and in many ways they can be. But, my daughter’s three cats keep her hopping…they are cuddly, friendly, and sometimes fussy. And, they can be very playful.

Dogs are more attention grabbing, I think. They are also cuddly and friendly and can be totally fun to play with. They need exercise, they need training, they need unconditional love…cause that’s what they give you. They need shots and baths and lots of other stuff that requires regular vet visits. (so do cats)

Just remember – during the holidays you have to pay extra attention to your pets. There are hidden dangers in having pets around the house at Christmas. Have your emergency clinic’s number freely at hand. Have your pet health insurance number in your wallet. Make sure you act quickly if your dog or cat shows signs of distress.

Of course, if your neighbor or sister or Mom already has a pet, maybe the best gift…is pet health insurance. To protect that precious life.

Otherwise, enjoy. Pets are the best presents in the whole wide world.

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