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Where Do Leopard Geckos Live?

Leopard Gecko is a part of the family of reptiles, and the most well-known reptile as pets. Leopard gecko was originally a part of the family of lizards along with other 1050 species but now they have made their own family. They have the genus called Eublepharis which consist of 4 other closely related species… Read More »

What Bedding to Use for Hedgehogs?

When it comes to the hedgehogs bedding, wood and fabric shavings are the two types of bedding most commonly used by the people. The wood shaving type of hedgehog bedding is a type that is most commonly preferred by most of the new pet owners as it is easy to find at your local pet… Read More »

How to Clean Rabbit Litter Box?

Rewards and fruits: 5% of the ration. Fruits such as apples and pears and rewards such as carrots or products sold in commerce should not be given more than once a week. They do not allow the rabbit to use his teeth and do not constitute a food necessary for his digestion. Fresh and clean… Read More »

National Dog Show: Sponsored by Purina

This is a cross-posted note from the petblog at Scratchings and Sniffings. On Thanksgiving Day Purina sponsored the National Dog Show which was hosted by the Kennel Club of Philadelphia. They introduced a new breed called the Dogue de Bordeaux (also called a French Mastiff, so this site says) which I really liked. But, I did not get to see… Read More »

Cross Posting: National Dog Show on NBC Thanksgiving Day

I just wrote a post over at the Scratchings and Sniffings blog about a discussion with the hosts of the National Dog Show presented by Purina, which will air on NBC Thanksgiving Day at noon. [it’s also hosted by the Kennel Club of Philadelphia] The reason I’m posting about the show here is because I wish I could watch it.… Read More »

My One Pet Household

My cat, Wabby Wibby (which is baby-talk for Baby Kitty, for those in the know) has changed a bit since the loss of our beloved Carmie. I’m thinking she likes her status as Only Pet. If she misses Carmie, she doesn’t show it. The horrible night of Carmie’s passing Wabby did come into the bedroom and… Read More »