Pet Health Insurance – Some thoughts

It’s that time of the year – when we all get to review our health insurance plans and make changes. I find the fine print hard to wade through and even after comparing charts, I’m never sure what I’m signing up for.Puppy-dog

It’s important to understand the precription payment plan, and the deductible. Is it better to use a plan that has a $20 deductible for regular visits, because the monthly cost is lower? Or, should I opt for the $10 deductible, and the higher monthly premium? I guess that depends on how many times I think I’ll have to go to the Dr. next year, and…who knows the answer to that?

Dr. Larry is committed to keeping PurinaCare pet health insurance easy to understand.

He’s working with a lot of really smart people in the insurance industry and it’s a credit to Purina, I think, that they are providing this blog for client engagement. So, if you have any questions about pet health insurance from PurinaCare, we want you to ask them up front.

Your questions and concerns are extremely important to us. To me – because I took on the duty of helping with this blog precisely because I believe in pet health insurance and because I was proud that Purina was going to be on the leading edge of that movement. Sure, pet health insurance has been around for awhile now, but the kind of policies you’ll find at PurinaCare are designed to make it easy for you to understand what you’re investing in – and, of course, the biggest thing you’re investing in is the health of your cat or dog.

Because it’s so important to us to make sure you’re educated and informed about pet health insurance, we’ll be doing more podcasts and asking more questions and engaging more vets on this blog, in 2009. If you need help or have any questions – any questions at all – we hope you will ask them here.

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